Latest Features & Improvements: Webcam Shots & More

Here are the updates that we’ve made to Time Doctor so far this month.

New feature: Webcam Shots

Due to popular demand, we’ve added webcam shots as an optional feature.  Webcam shots are deactivated by default, but admins can activate webcam shots for any user on their Advanced Settings page.

When turned on, this feature will take a webcam shot every 10 minutes.  When an admin turns on webcam shots for a user, that user will see a notification in their Time Doctor desktop application informing them that webcam shots have been activated.

Webcam shots will appear on the screenshots page, and can be deleted in the same way that screenshots can be deleted.  When they’re deleted, the associated work time is also removed.  Here’s what the screenshots page looks like when webcam shots are turned on:

(See full-sized image)
Time Doctor Webcam Shots Feature

Managers can add & edit projects (if granted permission)

Admins in Time Doctor can now give managers the ability to add & edit projects.  Managers who have been given the ability to add & edit projects will have full access to the Project Settings page, and will be able to add & edit all projects, and control which users are able to track time to which projects.

Admins can give managers this ability on their Company Settings page.  Here’s a screenshot:

(See full-sized image)
Time Doctor Allowing Managers to Edit Projects

Screenshots for clients are now optional

Last month we announced the launch of the client login feature which lets your company give your clients access to login to Time Doctor to view certain reports.  When we first released the feature, screenshots were available to all clients.  We’ve now made screenshots optional – so you can allow your clients to see how much time was spent on work done for them, without giving them access the screenshots.  The option to control whether clients can see screenshots is on the Clients page (only accessible by admins).  Here’s a screenshot:

(see full-sized image)
Control whether clients can see screenshots in Time Doctor

The “You’ve been working for 2 hours” notification is gone

If you’ve been working solid for 2 hours, the Time Doctor desktop apps (both Lite & Pro) have always popped up a notification that you should take a break because because you’ve been working for 2 hours.

After an informal survey of Time Doctor users told us they usually ignore Time Doctor’s suggested break times and take breaks on their own schedule, we decided to remove the notification (RIP).  If you’ve upgraded to the latest version of the desktop app, you’ll no longer see the notification.

And… Did you know?  You can control when the “Back to work now?” popup appears, or turn it off completely.

It was several months ago that  we released the new desktop apps with the ability to control how often the “Back to work now?” popup appears.  But since we never officially announced that change, you might not be aware of it, or how to use it.

The “Back to work now?” popup appears when you haven’t been tracking any work for a while.  It’s intended to remind you to start tracking your work, in case you’re working but forgot to start tracking your time.  But some people never want to be reminded, and others want to only be reminded during certain hours or on certain days (i.e. Monday to Friday).

So we added some controls to Time Doctor Lite & Pro to let you control when the “Back to work now?” popup appears, or turn it off permanently.  To access the controls, select “Back to work now?” popup settings from the “Options” menu in Time Doctor Lite or Pro.

(See full-sized image)
Time Doctor Back To Work Now Settings

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