Jira integration and how it works

The Jira integration is a little complex to set up so this blog post is there to help explain how to get started with the integration.

Note that the integration works with the hosted SaaS version of Jira and the self hosted version.

Firstly the owner of your company on Time Doctor needs to set up the integration on Time Doctor. You can do that under:

Settings > Company Settings > Integrations

This page looks something like this:

As your username and password you need to enter any Jira account that has access to all projects. Usually this is the owner or admin of the Jira account.

The second stage to the Jira integration is for each individual person to activate their Jira integration. This can be done on Time Doctor under:

Settings > Integration settings

Simply enter your Jira user name and click on the tick. Every user in your company will need to do this in their Time Doctor login.

After activated your Jira tasks will automatically be downloaded into your Time Doctor account. You will need to make sure you have the latest version of Time Doctor which you can get here: http://www.timedoctor.com/download.html

You will see the Jira tasks appear something like this:

Note that you need to click on the left and right arrows to see the list of Jira tasks. Also you can click on the right to open the task in Jira. You click on the tasks to start timing them. You cannot add Jira tasks from Time Doctor, and I think it won’t really ever make sense to do this as if you are using Jira you will need to use the full capabilities of Jira when you are adding tasks.

The integration will also be able to send time tracked to JIRA. This might give you the problem of too many email notifications of time tracked. There is a way to turn off these notifications, the instructions are in this video.


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