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A few weeks, ago, the Time Doctor Team received this message from TD Captain and Commander Rob Rawson:

We need instant chatWe obviously want to provide world class customer service with our software, so we set about finding the best option that didn’t involve having to code live chat ourselves (we have our own software to work on!)

After about 3 days of research, we made a short list, and we initially went with Velaro, mostly because of the 3rd party support it had for Zendesk (and other bits of software we’d thought about using). We made it as far as setting up the entire system, but a few minor bugs with various browsers made us re-consider; we had problems with the way you had to constantly scroll to the bottom of a chat window after sending a message, and the chat window was about 10 pixels wide when viewed with Chrome (although it must be said that customer service was fantastic with Velaro and they’re working on fixing these problems).

Many Basecamp messagess and about 10,000 words later , we stumbled across SnapaBug (if anyone’s writing a thesis on the merits and effectiveness of various instant chat applications we could be a great help!). Our experience so far has been excellent; it took about 2 minutes to setup and customisations have been a cinch.  The interface looks very smart, works well and support has been fantastic (Jerome, if you were sitting next to me, I’d be giving you double Hi-Fives). If you’re business is looking for instant chat, then we’d have no hesitations in recommending them [with our affiliate link] [without our affiliate link].
Snap A BugThe outcome of this collaboration is that Time Doctor users can now experience live chat and seamless support from the dashboard, email support from the client and have all of their problems tracked with our support system (as well as being able to easily upload a screen capture with absolutely no fuss).  Time Doctor should be live with Snap A Bug by this time tomorrow…

To access support at any time, click on the support tab from the online dashboard (to the right). If one of our support reps is online, you’ll be able to chat straight away. If we happen to be sleeping, you’ll be able to submit an email ticket and we’ll get to it usually within 2 hours.

In preparation for our BETA launch (which should be sometime next week), we’ve also developed a new Support Schedule, with 5 support staff working around the clock to answer any questions you may have. Darrin (Canada) is our head of support and has done a great job putting together our initial schedule. We think it’s a work of art.

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