Getting Zen with Time Doctor Support


Time Doctor & Zendesk

We’ve just partnered up with Zendesk to implement our support system and knowledge base. Visit for tips & tricks or to stay in touch with the latest feature requests and answers to common problems.

Time Doctor users can send support requests directly from the desktop app, the website or dashboard or the client – failing that we they can always send an email to support [at] which will be logged directly with our ticketing system.

At present, because we have staff in Canada, the Philippines, Australia, and in parts of Europe, which means that we have a good spread of time zones and answers to any support questions should be dealt with in less than a couple of hours.

We are also looking at staffing a live chat solution so any Time Doctor user will be able to get answers to any problems at the click of the button. We should be launching the live chat within the week.

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