A New Dashboard for Time Doctor Users

From today you should start seeing the new Time Doctor Dashboard in your account. If you don’t see it live in the next few days please contact our support team.

Dashboard Design

So what’s new?
The biggest change is the ability to view and assign tasks for each of your team members. Select a team member and you can easily view the hours worked, the current top priorities and any recently completed tasks (as well as the task they are currently working on).

If you have a new task, or a change to an existing task, you can now make changes from the dashboard which will update each team members desktop Task Manager. Assigning tasks directly like this has many advantages – primarily that it saves time by avoiding email. As we roll out new design features for the desktop app, users will be able to see when new tasks have been assigned and by who.

From the new dashboard, managers can also see which team members are online, who’s on a break and also view and edit the tasks for users who aren’t online (tasks will sync with the server as soon as they start work).

This is just one of many new features we’ll be launching in the next few months. Next up, time tracking for clients and projects, and a time usage tab which will show you exactly how your staff are spending time on the computer.

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