Time Doctor tracks 500,000 productive hours

23/05/2011, We’re in still limited BETA, but we’re already helping individuals and organizations to be more productive, achieve their goals, and finish what is most important to them. 500,000 man hours of tracked time represents a quarter of a small Egyptian Pyramid (or around 100,000 hours of poor time use we’ve help to negate since November 2010).

“I run a call center where I research commercial properties all over the world….Before TimeDoctor, I had no way of tracking my employees that worked from home. Now, I see when they are working and when they aren’t. It has improved my company’s productivity by more than 25%!”
Reid Levy – CommercialWisdom.com, Broomfield, Colorado

To hear what our existing customers are saying about our software, check out the Buzz page.

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