The Evolution of Time Doctor

Hey guys, so I want to give you a bit of a background of the evolution of Time Doctor, how it started and where it has evolved into.

I have a business doing search engine optimization and other Internet marketing with around 50 staff, mostly in the Philippines, but some in Australia and other locations. For several years I’ve been trying different project management software and time management software, to try and find a way to manage and be in touch with my team even when I’m traveling and not in the same office.

Also after paying lots of money each month in office rent, I decided to set up my business to have no office. It definitely saves a lot of money having everyone working from home, and it has a lot of other advantages as well. All my staff can work pretty flexible hours. In the Philippines many people travel 2 hours to work in disgusting traffic and pollution and 2 hours on the way back. So they love this benefit. So being able to work from home is a huge benefit.

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