Basecamp, Jira and Google Calendar Integrations

We have just released a beta version of integrations with Basecamp, Jira and Google Calendar.

The Basecamp integration (with the new Basecamp) will take your tasks from Basecamp and display them in a special Basecamp folder. To see this folder you will need to click the right and left arrows to navigate between your task lists. You can then open Basecamp tasks with a link directly from within Time Doctor.

The Jira integration will need to be set up for your whole company first before setting it up for an individual. The company set up is available from under Settings then Company settings then Integrations. After setting up the whole company Jira integration each person then needs to set up their individual Jira integration under settings then Integration settings in the Time Doctor menu

The Google Calendar integration will send your activity list to your Google Calendar.

All these integrations are in beta so please contact support if you have any difficulties with them.


  1. Rick Ong January 31, 2014

    I cannot find the Google Calendar integration, is that still available? What happened to it?

    • Rob Rawson February 3, 2014

      Hi Rick,

      We removed it as we didn’t find it that stable or useful. We’re planning on adding back some more Google integrations

  2. Sergey Pimenov September 16, 2013

    I connect Basecamp, but dont see my tasks. what i am do wrong?

    • rob September 16, 2013

      Hi Sergey I replied to you directly. If anyone else has an issue like this it’s best to email support at

  3. Jonas August 20, 2013

    I’m also interested in the API release, is it still in the works? If so, are you also planning on supporting external user authentication through the API?
    BR / Jonas

    • rob August 20, 2013

      We are currently developing the API and it will have user authentication. However we are not planning to release it for several months. We have given it to a small number of people to experiment with. We may be able to release it to you early, you can email me on to discuss the exact features of the API that you would use.

  4. James July 3, 2013

    When will be possible release of timedoctor API?. also I can’t see the google calendar integration. I appreciate your effort in making the API. thanks, regards.

  5. Monique May 3, 2013

    Will you guys be adding in budgets any time soon. So that I can alot pay rate to each employee and then entire budget to a project?

    • rob May 4, 2013

      Hi there Monique,

      We are planning to add in payroll features including the pay rate for each person. However we haven’t thought so much about adding budgets

  6. Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez April 9, 2013

    Hi there! I have some customers asking for an integration of our tool, Priority Matrix ( with Time Doctor. I’d love to know what we can do to help that collaboration.

    • rob April 11, 2013

      Hi there we are going to release an API and that could be used to integrate. Working on the API at the moment thanks!

  7. NR April 3, 2013

    We need, urgently, a detailed blog post covering the JIRA implementation, its limitations, suggested JIRA-side configuration and some kind of rationale behind the design choices made. At the moment it seems we’re just pulling in a list of issues for a single user, but my issues are assigned to different users who also use Time Doctor. Giving us the information & level of detail we require at this stage will help you achieve better acceptance of this vital new feature, which no doubt some of the larger shops have been eagerly waiting for!

    • rob April 3, 2013

      Hi there. I will work on that blog article as a priority. In the mean time if you have any questions about it can you email me directly on rob at

      Note that there is one important feature missing from the Jira integration is that we do not send the time worked for each task to Jira. We are working on this feature now and I will announce when done.

  8. Chris April 3, 2013

    Please integrate with Microsoft SharePoint

  9. Lorenzo March 29, 2013

    i set up the integration with google calendar but seems to me it is not working. Google calendar is not updated since 2 days ago (day of the integration).
    My target is to import the time doctor activities in thunderbird through google calendar (using the thunderbird’s add-on “provider for google calendar”)

    Please, let me know when this will be fixed

    • rob March 29, 2013

      Hi there, I will investigate why this is not working for you. If you have any further problems might be best to contact support on support at

  10. Brad March 27, 2013

    Does the Jira integration log time on the user’s behalf into the Jira work log? If so, how is Time Remaining (a hugely important metric) managed?

    If you get this right, I may be a paying customer for 30+ users.

    • rob March 27, 2013

      Hi there Brad. We are working on getting the Jira integration to log time within Jira. At the moment it’s just logging time within Time Doctor. It should be completed within 3-4 weeks.

  11. projectCREATE March 24, 2013

    Hi Timedoctor team,

    You product looks great. We use Basecamp for project managing our development teams and would like to add a suitable time tracking product to compliment this software. When do you expect this integration to be pushed live?

    Many Thanks,

    Matt –

    • rob March 27, 2013

      Hi Matt,

      The Basecamp integration is working right now. It’s in beta and we are fixing some minor issues which should be fixed within a couple of weeks but it’s ready to use right now!

  12. Alex Jones March 20, 2013

    Cool, this is great thanks for posting

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