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Time Doctor settings when in an office versus working from home


Time Doctor has a few different types of users, and you need to adjust the software settings for those different situations. We have a setting to “Allow off computer tracking”. You can find this under: Settings > Manage users. Only admins have access to this setting. For each person in your company you can select “Allow off computer tracking” as yes or no. If you select “Yes” then when they go away from their computer for 3 minutes and then come back to the computer, Time Doctor will ask if you were working. Here is an example of what it looks like:

You might think “Why is this even necessary, I can just click to go on a break when I want?”. The problem is if you want accurate time tracking you need a reminder sometimes when you come back to the computer to select that you are working and also when you are on a break to select that you are on a break. It’s very hard to remember to click “Break” every time, you will probably forget at times!

So if your team work in an office you will definitely need to select “yes” for “Allow off computer tracking”. In an office environment there will almost certainly be some meetings and you want to make sure that time is tracked effectively. If your team works only from home and never need to be away from the computer, then you can select “no”.

Changing the away from computer settings

You can also change the pop up so that it doesn’t come up as quickly. Instead of 3 minutes you can set it at 5 or 10 minutes for example. Admins can change this under: Settings > Company settings > Reminder pop ups. We don’t usually recommend you change this setting however, as it will mean that your time tracking will be less accruate.

Server issues, and an update of where we are at


First we have had some server issues over the last 2 days which affected the time tracking for some users. Please let support know if you were affected. Really sorry for those that experienced issues, and we’re working hard to make sure that an issue like this can never happen again. It’s really unacceptable that we have any errors in the tracking of time, but it happened, and we’re working to make sure it does not happen ever.

Secondly we are launching to a paid version for all users within the next week. Time Doctor is very costly to run. We have 7 full time developers working on the software. It’s not something we can offer for free, and it’s now time to move to a paid service.

To explain the plans a little. The solo plan is best for an individual. The free plan is limited to the use of the desktop software only (although the free plan will still get full access as a trial for 30 days). All the  plans are equivalent in features and just vary in price per user. If you have more than 10 users you get a bit of a discount (per user) and over 20 users you get a further discount. So the choice in the plans really is based on how many users you have.

The goal of the Time Doctor team is to make the best time tracking and time management software to help people get more done and be more productive. Especially for remote working teams, where team members are working from home or even in multiple countries across the world. I believe that we’re part of the way there to our vision, but there is a lot to do in order to make Time Doctor even better and easier to use. We’re committed long term to this software as we don’t see anything that is comparable to what we are doing.

Some of the future plans we have for Time Doctor are:

* Integration with Jira – we have this already and if you would like to test it let support know

* Integration with Basecamp – we have this also

* A simple task management system in Time Doctor

* Task management software for your desktop for arranging and managing your tasks (at the moment our software is great for timing your activities, but is not as appropriate if you want to manage all of your tasks, we worked on this before and we are going to finish this and launch it as an additional alternative to the current desktop software)