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Project Management with Google Apps


Project management software with Google Apps is the next big thing right? But does the Docs integration hype measure up? Will it actually help you or your team to be more productive?

More than a few project management tools are quick to announce “integration” with Google Apps – but what does that actually mean?

Project management applications that integrate with Google Apps

Project Management with Google AppsThe the most popular project management apps on the Google Apps marketplace are:
Manymoon, Zoho Projects, Freshbooks, Smartsheet, Deskaway, Ace Project, Huddle, Comindwork, Wrike, Mavenlink, Teambox, Harvest Glasscubes and Jira.

How do project management apps typically ‘integrate’ with Google Apps?

  • User can create tasks from emails. A button at the bottom of the email that allows you to create a task. Used in; Manymoon, Zoho Projects.
  • Attach Google docs to tasks, messages and projects. This is available in most of the apps.
  • One click sign in with a Gmail account. This is pretty much a given for all apps that integrate with Google.
  • Exporting reports to Google Docs
  • Importing Google contacts into your project management app. A great way to expand your user base.
  • Integration with Google Calendar. For example, adding milestones or due dates on tasks to the calendar.

There are also some other more unique integrations:

  • Smartsheet allows you to attach a Google doc within a row on your Smartsheet. An interesting the approach when you consider that Google might be seen as their main competitor.
  • Jira which is primarily for software development also has some unique features. You can embed a Google Doc within a wiki on Jira. Also you can access Google Talk within Jira as well as Gmail and Google Calendar.

Which project management software offer the best Google Apps workflow?

It really depends on the way that you work and the type of tool you are looking for. Manymoon has perhaps the most comprehensive Google Apps feature set. However if you need other project management features such as invoicing or Gantt charts you should choose look around…

We’ve compiled a list of the top project management software solutions that integrate with Google Apps to help illustrate exactly what type of integration each service offers:



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2 thoughts on “Project Management with Google Apps

  1. Graham

    I just tried Manymoon and found taht they don’t have even the simplest of project management functions: task dependencies. My jaw hit the floor to discover that people market “Project Management” software without even simple task dependancies. How can you estimate project completion dates without knowing what has to be done and in what order?

    Adding a column to your sheet that indicates the extent to which each solution handles task dependancies would seem of utmost importance.


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