Project Management Software Alternatives Compared

Updated: September 2014

Are you trying to make a decision about which project management or collaboration software to use for your business?

We love using Basecamp for its mind-bending simplicity, but it still leaves much to imagination.

So what we did was put the most popular hosted software options under the microscope and compare must-haves and other essential features, such as mobile compatibility, price, and more.

project management software

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Free Bonus!  Due to this page’s success, we’ve created a comprehensive spreadsheet of the most popular Project Management software which you can view here. We also have a PDF version available for download here.

Here are the contenders:

Listed from most popular to least popular based on Alexa rankings:

  • Basecamp –  simple to use and very popular. One of many popular products that fly under the 37 Signals banner. We currently have a Time Doctor integration for Basecamp, which allows managers to accurately track time spent on projects & other tasks, as well as monitoring individual team member’s productivity.
  • Zoho Projects – a wide range of applications available on top of project management including CRM, calendar, chat and a wiki. Over 3 million users.
  • Freshbooks – a very popular invoicing application that includes time tracking, task and project management. Over 2 million users.
  • Central Desktop – 425,000 users, includes real time integration between Microsoft office and the central workspace.
  • Deskaway – includes timesheets, calendar, contacts and a micro-blogging status update feature.
  • Smartsheet – project management, CRM and other features based around using online spreadsheets.
  • 5pm – very colorful interface, and lots of features including time tracking, contacts and an iPhone app.
  • TeamworkPM – includes project tracking, contacts and calendar. We currently have a Time Doctor integration for TeamworkPM users, which allows managers to accurately track time spent on projects & other tasks, as well as monitoring individual team member’s productivity.
  • activeCollab – includes invoicing, time tracking and email reports.
  • Ace Project – some HR and expense management features.
  • Redbooth – includes a twitter style updates feature.
  • Feng office – includes time tracking, calendar and contacts.
  • Huddle – integrates with Microsoft Office so you can save Microsoft files directly to a shared workspace.
  • Comindwork – includes Gantt charts, and a business wiki.
  • Nozbe – project management based around the David Allen “Getting Things Done” methodology.
  • Harvest – focused on invoicing and time tracking, a competitor to Freshbooks.
  • Wrike – some unique features such as the ability to create and update tasks via email and timeline view of project plans.
  • Goplan – includes a twitter like activity stream.
  • EGroupware – consists of multiple installable applications and includes a calendar app, address book, eMail, project management, timesheet and others.
  • Clarizen – many features including budgeting, billing, Gantt charts.
  • Hyperoffice – has a hosted email service and contact management.
  • LiquidPlanner – project scheduling, time tracking and lots of graphs and analysis.
  • Visma Severa – includes CRM and invoicing.
  • Xtrant – is a cloud-based project platform that lets you share files, tasks and conversations in one secure online space to reduce email noise, increase accountability, and keep everyone on the same page.

Plus a few more hopefuls:

TeamWork Live, Nirvana, Intervals, ProWorkflow, Teamly, Glasscubes, Copper, Workspace, Tenrox, Journyx, Clientspot, Vertabase, Celoxis, 24sevenoffice, PlanDone, Teameffect, Attask, Workzone, Proofhub and

Some notes about this list

This is only about hosted SaaS online project management software.

There are dozens other open source platforms which we didn’t include in this list, especially those that are not hosted (meaning, you have to install the software yourself).

We have also not included products that are more focused on CRM or products that are more of a bug tracker such as Jira. We also excluded sites that did not have their pricing listed on their sites.

We know that the ranking of sites is not completely accurate, but it’s the best we could find. Compete or Quantcast are other alternatives for ranking sites but we decided to use Alexa.

Finally, here are collaboration tools you can use to manage remote teams.

About the Author:

Rob Rawson is a co-founder of, a global recruitment platform where you can access very talented staff at affordable rates. They also have a technology called Time Doctor a productivity software that helps keep track of your team, even when working from home.

Rob resides in Sydney, Australia but can also be found in major cities around the globe, like Paris, Kiev or San Francisco.

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  1. Claire February 20, 2015

    Having tried Clarizen I would offer a word of caution. We found the sales team excellent in making promises but the customer support was unsuccessful in following thru. We got zero ROI with Clarizen.

  2. Kristina Gebert-Kolb February 11, 2015

    I’ve been using Arc 9 to manage all my creative projects, especially ones that require direct client interaction. It’s definitely the easiest platform to use because, it combines all the best features of traditional collaboration software like; basecamp, vimeo, and dropbox, into a single web application.

    I love that not only is it great for video (which is nearly impossible to find these days), it handles everything else with ease. You can upload almost any type of image, coding/development script, pdf, text, or file without having to convert them back and forth. I am still most impressed by the features available for sharing, which instantly turn projects into fully branded presentations. You can invite clients (via email) to view your work in customized private portals, with annotation tools that encourage both written and visual feedback.

    I’ve found it to be the perfect solution for many of my creative workflow obstacles, and I really think other creatives would benefit from it as much as I have.

  3. Lea January 15, 2015

    Really great review. I have just found list of top ten project management software and this list is very handy. I’d suggest you guys to have a look at this list.

  4. John Mark December 23, 2014

    I eventually settled on ‘Timely Projects’ and really like it. Intuitive and powerful with all the features I was looking for.

  5. Natallia December 15, 2014

    We are using for few months and very happy with it. You can try also.

  6. Laurentiu Bancu November 25, 2014

    If some of you who are looking for an all-in-one solution that offers time tracking, simple project management and invoicing, please take a look at Paymo.

  7. Efendi October 23, 2014

    I’m looking for a project management + CRM web/mobile app, maybe similar to asana but with location based task assignment function. Like sending a team to an address with task details. Anyone knows something like that?

  8. Tiberiu October 22, 2014

    Rob, you should also take a look at RationalPlan suite:

    It is really easy to use and intuitive. It will help you plan a project in no time.

  9. Azor October 22, 2014

    I Would like to suggest

  10. Victoria October 2, 2014

    Looking for an alternative to Basecamp that has all the same features, but also includes dependencies between tasks and the ability to assign tasks to two or more people. Thoughts?

    • Curt Ward October 3, 2014

      Check out it is Amazing!!! I am pretty sure it might do what you want.

  11. Michele September 4, 2014

    Your chart is not accurate. For example, smart sheet does have gantt charts.

    • Curt Ward October 3, 2014

      Smart sheet DOES HAVE Gantt charts. I know because I have used them. The great thing about them is each individual can have their own and they as PM you can reference theirs so when they update their sheet yours updates automatically. Huge admin load of off updating sheets and keeping them timely and accurate.

  12. Arijit Chatterjee August 27, 2014

    We are using for few months and very happy with it.
    You can try also.

  13. James August 20, 2014

    Please consider adding GTDNext ( to your list next time you update this article.

    We are fairly new, but working very hard to create the best GTD based task management app on the market. We focus a little more on the advanced user with features like unlimited sub-tasks and automated next action lists and many more advanced features.

    Stop by and take a look. It is free to try.

  14. anonymous120 August 15, 2014

    ZonderTask is also one of the amazing and efficient tool in the market. You can try if free for the first 20 users. It will really help you manage your tasks and seamlessly work with your team.

  15. Trent August 12, 2014

    Thanks for this compilation of project management tools! Love these products and comparing them. I’d like to throw Centrallo into the mix… Newly released app (in App Store & Android said to be releasing soon) that I’d liken to an Evernote – Dropbox combo…. Worth a look! I have definitely become a convert

    • Donna December 12, 2014

      2nd for Centrallo!! They officially launched last week, and it’s helped my organize and prioritize dramatically. Can’t recommend it enough.

  16. Toni Thenhausen August 11, 2014

    Velocity ( is designed for the needs of small businesses and freelancers. It provides requirement tracking, creation of quotes and invoices, time tracking and diagramming using

    It’s free for a limited time:

  17. Domip July 18, 2014

    Nice review, i have been using Eylean for a while and it rabsolutelly fits all my requirements. if you are looking to apply scrum and kanban methodologies, i recommend you look it up

  18. Sandeep July 11, 2014

    I would like to suggest a new project management software

  19. Elena June 24, 2014

    Give a try to Comindware Project ( ). Project Management software allowing priority-based planning automation, real-time Gantt-chart, resources allocation and a bulk of collaboration options. It delivers less complexity than MS Project, but way more powerful than Basecamp.

  20. Dave June 17, 2014

    Great article with extensive list of tools. But I would like to suggest SwiftPPM from Digite, a comprehensive program and project portfolio management solution for an organization. Its rich set of features including task, defect, issue, timesheet, custom reports and many others along with wide integration capability have proved it to be the most worthy among various PM tool.
    Visit to learn more !

  21. Garigo June 17, 2014

    Thank you for the list! However, if some software remains references in terms of project management software, other software have emerged using new technologies. I’m precisely thinking about Beesy for iPad and web. It’s a project management software for small to medium business or individual workers too. It has shared note and shared projects features that enables great communication and automated delegation that homogenize the organization within projects. It is pretty powerful you should have a look at it ;)

  22. Sandy June 12, 2014

    Wonderful share,but now I am using called Efficient Calendar Network,good project planner can scheduling,assignment,progress tracking,reminder,etc,only need to focus on the project,the software will handle the rest.

  23. Allie Cook May 29, 2014

    I would like to vote for proofhub project management software.

  24. Robin May 21, 2014

    Great article! I’m a freelance photographer that prefer to use

  25. Eva Kiszka May 5, 2014

    Collabtive is not only available to install on your own server, but also hosted as SAAS.
    It’s for SMBs – easy to use, nice to look at.
    Features: Projects, Milestones, Task lists, Files, Messages, Email notifications, Role-based permissions …

  26. Scopidea May 5, 2014

    Scopidea project management techniques and project planning tools are useful for managing any tasks in which different outcomes are possible.Scopidea offering great solution about project management tool , project managment , project management software at one place , For more detail visit us @

  27. Sahil May 2, 2014

    Hey Rob,
    Check out Brightpod, a super intuitive pm tool to help teams focus and get things done –


  28. Sebastian May 1, 2014

    This is great. Tried using some of the softwares listed above and I was not disappointed! I also used George’s suggestion and it was good, had no problems with it. Sebastian

  29. Rick Stewart April 28, 2014

    A very extensive and descriptive list, great job! We also offer a complete timesheet and billing software. It’s also a web-based solution ideal for companies that sell time and it’s also great for freelancers.

  30. rimba April 25, 2014

    New comer is

  31. Paul April 11, 2014

    Nice review, my company is in the searching process right now and we have tested most of those in your list. Right now we are on Twproject which is quite impressive, I don’t see it in your list so you may want to check it. It includes time tracking, project planning an bug tracking. In case someone is interested here is the link

  32. David Rogers April 7, 2014

    A very comprehensive list and a great review. I had been an oldie with Wrike, however, with our expanding international teams, i had to shift to 5pm for its flexibility and comprehensive support with Gantt charts. Best
    Charted Alliance

  33. Rana Porter April 3, 2014

    Hi, Check another service, we built for SMBs. Simple to use, easy to adopt. For ideas, files and task collaboration. Available to discuss more anytime. (solution specialist, Oogwave)

  34. George March 4, 2014

    Nice review! I would like to suggest another Free online project management and collaboration software called iCoordinator Free. It comes with the project planner, 1 GB free document management area, time tracking, contact management etc. You can read more and register the free online portal here. Hope this helps someone.

  35. Jen O'Halligran March 2, 2014

    I have been searching for a cost-effective web based solution for a while.

    I tried Jira but it as in built ticketing system. Then Redmine – way too much effort to set up. So then I looked at some of the ones listed above. Seems like people confuse task management with real project management. And they confuse a Gantt charts with task management!

    Then I tried qdPM based on the recommendation in the comments. Now I moved onto qdPM Extended ( is just about the best one yet. Talk about bang for your buck. This is a great solution for project managers – can handle tickets (helpdesk), changes, issues, tasks, schedule, reporting, calendars, wiki, documents. It is a one stop shop!

  36. Steve February 17, 2014

    Great list of available project Management tool. I would recommend you to add ( ) Project Management tool to this list.

    Since a year I am using this tool to manage all my Projects and my teams, It is Awesome tool. go for it.

  37. Sophia February 3, 2014

    Hi Rob, Great help and thanks for the effort. Last 6 months I have tried few of them, and few came very close to our requirement. By chance I discovered another great service Oogwave ( I will say, perfect replacement for basecamp for me, as we start working on longer and larger projects with clients.

    Along with task and communication, best feature I like is file folder sharing structure like Google Drive, making it really easy to store and share files with clients in specific folders.

  38. Trooth Davis January 27, 2014

    I am unhappy with this list because it does not contain many project management tools like

  39. Shayn Baron January 6, 2014

    I’d like to add Crocagile to this list. is an agile-inspired workspace that keeps your team together throughout the entire product life-cycle. It’s a mix of collaboration, group chat, file sharing, and agile project management. Croc keeps you out of email, and your team in one place.

    Disclaimer: I’m a founder of Crocagile. We’re currently in beta, accepting select teams who are willing to help us fine tune the experience.

  40. Jason January 2, 2014

    Really nice list, although I did not see Hub Planner on the list, maybe as it focuses more on Resource Planning and Scheduling – One of the coolest and more modern tools for managing your resources and projects visually. I would consider adding it, otherwise very slick list. I also think Trello should be on there too for task list management….

  41. Bruce September 20, 2013

    Also have a look at Psoda ( – it compares very well with all of the tools listed in terms of breath of functionality.

  42. Denis Smith August 6, 2013

    I think infusionsoft is worth mentioning which is customers relations management and email marketing software adopted by thousands of marketers

  43. Simon Fremantle June 27, 2013

    We gave up on MS Project after bashing our heads against it for years. We then tried Basecamp but found it didn’t scale to the sort of complex work we do. Then we found HumanEdj – a Web app for large projects including people from different organizations. Very easy to use but provides the sort of features you get in heavyweight planning apps. You can take part in a project by email which is great if some people in the team don’t want to adopt new tools. Over time you can build up a library of plan templates which we are now making good use of – we’re even thinking of selling some of ours. There’s a free version online (

  44. Lonnie June 22, 2013

    This was a good resource for my research paper. I look forward to the advancement of project management especially within game development.

    I am wondering though, how does Time Doctor compare to these other products?

  45. Maria Sarramito June 7, 2013

    This is a very complete list, but you have missed one tool: 10,000ft! It’s a resource planning and project management software to manage people, time and money. You can plan, track and analyse in a very simple and flexible way, while having the key information about the state of your business to make important strategic decisions.

  46. Himali June 6, 2013

    Another tool I would like to add is Brightpod ( ). An easy to use project , task management app with bunch of collaboration features specifically for marketing teams. Helps you get the bigger picture when you are working on so many different things.

  47. Aaron Stewart June 4, 2013

    That was an excellent blog. You made some great points.You have given a good information about different time management software. But I would like to recommend I am using it from last 6 months.

  48. Nick June 2, 2013

    Check It’s a visual PM tool with interesting approach: every project there is a simple workflow

    • Luca July 5, 2013

      Thanks Nick, this Casual visual workflow approach to scheduling seems quite original.
      I assume there’s no pricing because it’s a Beta.

  49. MightyBuxx May 31, 2013

    Good bye, Basecamp! Good bye, Asana and Trello! Let’s say the same to JIRA too. Why?

    askcow is on the way.

    • rob June 6, 2013

      Seriously??? Asana has a team of 37 amazing people, founded by an ex-facebook developer. I recently visited the offices of Atlassian (Jira) where they have a whole floor of amazing developers.

      What makes you think that you even have a chance?

      And who chose the name “ask cow”?

      I mean there is some space for competitors in the Project management space, but it’s a very crowded space, with some amazing people building applications. So it’s really arrogant for anyone to think they can do a better job.

    • MightyBuxx June 12, 2013


      Moreover, I suppose, that you should draw your attention not to the number of people involved into development, or to the number of floors in office, but rather to the quality of a product.

      Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg didn’t have plenty of staff and quarters.

      So does and for askcow:

    • Luca July 5, 2013

      Ask Cow deserves a look just because of its somehow alternative approach to task and very nice feature video presentation.
      A part from that, the scheduling is not explained in the videos, the pricing for more than 5 users is a bit expensive, and probably has no resource management features (capacity planning).
      However, for its level, I think it is definitely worth to be checked out.

  50. Dron May 18, 2013

    I recomended use free online projects manager

  51. Sarah May 8, 2013

    Thank for the list! My company is using Teamwork right now. We have adopted it after a long selection period and we are quite happy with that, if you want to take a look here the link:


  52. Steve Brown May 2, 2013

    Wow.!!! What a fantastic information!!!! We are using a tool called it has saved us literally thousands of $. I would like to add this tool to this list. Now a days Project management is playing a great role in all the industries. Because of this Project Management tool will help us to keep tracking on all the projects.

  53. Bob Kozak April 26, 2013

    I don’t see AtTask which is a SAAS PM tool and rated by Gartner in the upper right quadrant. Has anyone had any experience with AtTask?

  54. Thomas Broad April 15, 2013

    I am using Proofhub since 2 years. Because of its features like time tracking, privacy and inbulit chat helped me a lot to carry out my work. I think that this tool should also be there in your list as it contains amazing collaboration features.

  55. Richard Eggleton March 11, 2013

    It is a nice comprehensive list, but I guess the list is out of date now… Clarizen for example has file/doc sharing, WiKi, Billing, create tasks via e-mail, dependencies, Gantt charts, contacts, iPhone app etc and is cheaper than stated. So the list is quite misleading…

    I guess with technology moving on that most of the others might also be out of date, and should have improved over the last few years.

  56. Jamie Germain March 4, 2013

    Easy Projects is also a great PM tool.

  57. Sergey February 25, 2013

    I’m using qdPM. It’s free project management. I’m using it more then 1 year and I like it!

  58. Jeff Dieffenbach February 12, 2013

    FYI, Clarizen appears to have Gantt charts.

    FWIW, I have no connection to them, and haven’t used their software.

  59. Ravi Ranjan February 2, 2013

    Please put in further information like open source, language, cloud application, mobile apps, and etc.

  60. Olga Basova November 30, 2012

    Thank you for including in your post, Rob! Can you please update your Google Doc, since there is some inaccurate info about Wrike? To be more precise – our app has milestones, recurring tasks and Google docs integration, as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android. Thank you!

  61. mary November 15, 2012

    I’ve used bootcamp before and I believe you can set up recurring tasks. Your chart says “no”.

    I am wondering if anyone can tell me if any of these solutions offer the ability to track projects and share files – including video files.


  62. Kumar November 6, 2012

    Wrike and 5pm are some project management software’s that sound interesting to me, not because they have got free versions, but they are as good as Basecamp. We currently use Replicon project management software.

  63. Stephanie September 9, 2012

    Thanks for sharing! SaaS tools are really helpful for distributed teams like us. We use clockodo ( in addition to JIRA, that combination is perfect for us.

  64. Mara Campbell August 29, 2012

    Can anyone tell me if any of these software has the following feature: my company provides subtitling services. We have a project with 168 movies to subtitle. I would like to be able to make a list of all the movies and their deadlines and have my team access it so that each subtitler can pick the movies s/he wants to subtitle. Maybe in a calendar format? Ideally, they would auto-assign each job like this in live mode, similar to those systems for purchasing theatre tickets: you see what is available at that time and pick/click what you want. Does this make sense? Thanks for the help.

  65. Melissa Tafa August 17, 2012

    Just thought I’d throw PlanAnything ( into the mix! :-D

  66. Ben Prendergast August 15, 2012

    Hey guys, don’t forget to mention our project software tool, Copper Project. Great features and a free 30 day trial!

  67. Tanya July 17, 2012

    saying freshbooks is “project management” software is exaggeration to the extreme…it does little more than invoicing. Time tracking is limited, you can’t track multiple hourly rates against a total fee budget; either you set the fee and forget about your hours, or you set the hours and forget about more than one hourly rate. You can’t set up multiple tasks with a set fee for each task, something which is fairly critical for project management. No calendar or timelines of any sort, no milestones.

    • admin August 1, 2012

      Agree that freshbooks is not really project management, so doesn’t exactly fit into the category, but a useful alternative for people interested in invoicing.

  68. Dhan July 14, 2012

    Great work and compilation !!
    I would like to recommend ZilicusPM ( – comprehensive project management software offered by my company.

    It is a complete solution that makes project scheduling a easy job with interactive gantt chart, resource manager; Along with project scheduling & tracking, it also offers issue tracker, risk manager, document management, timesheet tracker and google apps integration.

    Love to hear what’s your impression.

    Thank You,

  69. Anthony B July 3, 2012

    Good post – I thought I would drop a link to our system which you might be interested in. It’s called Hot Project – – we’ve just launched a free basic version with up to 5 users. Would love to hear your thoughts!

  70. Sandra Wuethrich June 29, 2012

    I am a user of 5PM and noticed some erroneous entries in the comparison table on google doc:

    milestones, recurring tasks, invoicing/billing, expense tracking and task dependencies do NOT exist in 5PM.

  71. Raphael Sanelli June 18, 2012

    Great list, I have also tried loads of different alternatives in my days. Today we use [link removed] at work. To me it is the most complete tool. The interface used to be a little ugly but they fixed that a while back, looking great now. So if you are looking for a powerful tool i would highly recommend [link removed] if you just need a simple task management tool i like And if you are just into software devel is nice. is also pretty nifty for agile software devel projects. But all in all i would go with projectplace.

  72. Sean Owens June 12, 2012

    We are using a tool called it has saved us literally thousands of euro of otherwise un billed tasks for clients. From task assignment to billing of both the client and invoicing from the resource it allows us to spin many plates and not miss a beat. They do a free signup for 30 tasks to try it out and the best thing, no annoying per seat plans that quickly drive up costs.

  73. Marian Woods June 8, 2012

    Good list. However I’d like to add one more. ProjectVision is a web-based Portfolio and Project Management Software solution, empowering control and visibility over Business Plans, Strategic Objectives, Programs and Projects.

  74. laurent authier June 7, 2012

    I would like to add a project management software to your list.
    Project Monitor is a french tool for project management published by Virage Group that I know well because I work in this company.
    You can manage planning, tasks, ressources and budgets of a set of projects. You can have a global vision of different sets of project.
    It’s a powerfull tool very usefull.
    This tool supports the English language as well.
    You can visit company site for further information:

  75. Tom May 31, 2012

    Very extensive List. But I noticed you are missing Clockmeister( on that list.

  76. Nancy May 30, 2012

    When will the list of features be updated on the Google doc?
    I am noticing that Central Desktop has more features than what you have listed and I know Basecamp has also gone through an overhaul?

  77. David Meyers May 23, 2012

    You should add Comindware to this list too. Great product, very useful and simple in using with alot of their own features. I have been used for about 5 different tools, but stopped on this product. If you haven’t tried it yet – try.

  78. Alden Gannon April 9, 2012

    Wow, that’s a comprehensive list. I just released a site in this space that takes a different approach. It mashes up a PM system with gaming awards that lets you level up at work. See it here: You see, I’ve used these things for 20 years — long before they arrived on the web — and the one thing that never changes is that they’re boring as watching paint dry and people never use them for long. I’m hoping to change that. Check it out!

  79. Eileen G. April 3, 2012

    Great resource for those looking to implement the right project management application for their business. Another one to the consider is Trakeze It’s a web-based system that includes easy-to-use project planning, Gantt charts, task management, requirements management, time tracking, CRM, and collaboration applications.

  80. Aninda mondal. April 1, 2012

    I came across this PM tool,BootStrapToday at I have been using it since few weeks and found it very useful for high end developers. It adds intelligence to the processes and automation and integration are yet unique features. Apart from the cloud based model it is also available as In-house set up. I am planning to install one. Would you give me suggestions on installing In-house set up.

  81. Justin H. March 16, 2012

    We are using Celoxis ( for more than a year now and are quite satisfied. A very comprehensive product. Especially like their interactive gantt. It’s the best that I’ve ever seen in a web based product. Reports are quite good and so is their “workflow” component. Highly recommended.

  82. HDub March 14, 2012

    Awesome list! It’s so nice to have variety out there. I will check out some of them for sure. I just want to bring some attention to the latest and greatest I have been introduced to It’s the one site that I have found that is able to handle the capacity of my work and it’s super intuitive which is great for my company, since I don’t have the time to train everyone – especially since not all my workers are situated in the same city. This tool is free, which is a big plus too. I am a certified project manager and have been introduced to many PM softwares and this is hands down the best one I have found.

  83. Ally March 6, 2012

    …and another to add to the list (I also add trouble collaborating on the Google Doc – looks like it’s ready-only for me) Eclipse PPM. It’s SaaS, has a clean and simple interface, has customizable dashboards, web-based, and services companies in North America:

  84. Jimson Carlos March 1, 2012

    I came across this PM tool,BootStrapToday at I have been using it since few weeks and found it very useful for high end developers. It adds intelligence to the processes and automation and integration are yet unique features. Apart from the cloud based model it is also available as In-house set up. I am planning to install one. Would you give me suggestions on installing In-house set up.

  85. Chi Huynh February 29, 2012

    Thank you for including Vertabase project management software to your list.

    What differentiates us from other project management software is that Vertabase offers a comprehensive tool set while still being intuitive for both non-technical and technical users. Every phase of the project lifecycle can be managed with these tools. From brainstorming to reporting to completion and closing, Vertabase covers the lifecycle completely.

  86. Lucee February 19, 2012

    Thanks for all your hard work compiling this list! I might add, you certainly have eye catching, attractive graphics on your website. I wanted to share with readers also. I particularly like the customisable dashboard which gives a graphical view of your project, it has other neat features including a interative Gantt chart and mobile apps. Thanks!

  87. laurent authier January 18, 2012

    Project Monitor is a french tool for project management that I know well. The software is published by the french company Virage Group. The language used may be English. More information
    This is a complete solution to manage projects by milestone, workpackages, tasks, budgets allowed, ressource activities, from reporting to consolidated information of sets of projects

  88. Daniel Shanahan January 18, 2012

    I just discovered Asana: It appears to be free. I’m not affiliated with Asana and I just started using it. However, I think it has a beautiful interface, seems intuitive, and built for power users.

  89. Coleman Foley January 16, 2012

    Is the spreadsheet still open to collaboration? When I open it, it is read only. Awesome resource, by the way. Thank you.

    • admin January 25, 2012

      Hi yes it is open to collaboration if you to the actual google document all the best

  90. Megha January 16, 2012

    Nice list of alternative products! You might also want to consider the Replicon Time tracking software. Great interface and quite affordable.

  91. Alina January 14, 2012

    Thanks for this list,
    Could anyone here please suggest a tool which can work in our own corporate network without a need to reach any external servers? The point is that we already use one of the web-based products for our task and time management, but we suffer from low performance during peak hours. All we are trying to find is effective tool that is low-cost (or semi-free), without too profound project features, but that allows us to manage and share tasks without all that possible “loading” problems that we face on the web (we prefer something that can be transferred into our own inhouse LAN). thank you!

  92. Justin January 13, 2012

    I tried to add SpringAhead to the google doc but it wouldn’t let me edit it. It’s definitely worthy of being on the list, check it out:

  93. Mozzy January 8, 2012

    Yup great list. My co-workers and I built because we wanted to reproduce the features of basecamp and freshbooks in one system. So that’s something to consider too.

  94. BG January 7, 2012

    For me, it’s down to Dooster versus TeamBox versus TeamLab.

    I don’t really need the collaboration aspect so much… just the ability to track tasks for my three to four freelance projects. So the ultimate system would be a $10/month (or free) version of Basecamp. I like Basecamp, but don’t want to spend $25/month. One thing Basecamp has that I don’t always see offered on other programs is the “Task Lists” feature, which I like.

    I tried Dooster several months ago, but based on some of the posts, I’m going to check it out again. I like the fact that it integrates with Gmail Calendar, but it seemed to have made a mess of my calendar. Perhaps it’s just some configuring I need to do on my part.

    TeamBox seems nice, but I’m not sure I like the “Tasks across all projects” page. I prefer to have the tasks separated under their own projects, instead of interwoven among projects.

    I just discovered TeamLab, but can’t figure out why I keep seeing “Unsorted Tasks”, where Basecamp would have a task list. Again, this might be a newbie issue. This program appears to be the most promising at this moment, but I’ve only been on it today.

  95. Stephen Curial January 4, 2012

    There’s obviously a million PM packages out there but I really like Pure Project Tools because it lets me quickly see the status of my projects from a dashboard.

    • Ali February 26, 2012

      Good riveew, very informative. Wea??ve tried @task, but it was a bit too pricy for us. Now we use, it meets all our needs and is really easy to use

  96. Isabelle December 8, 2011

    Hey amazing list! Thanks for sharing.
    You could also consider OnePMO (http://www.onepmo)

  97. Rachel December 7, 2011

    Wow! What a long list – and there are so many more out there. Personally, I vote for Clarizen. It is just the best online project management program for real-time updates and effective team collaboration. It is flexible and not too difficult to use, plus their support team is excellent.

    • admin December 13, 2011

      Thanks for the input Rachel!

  98. Mira November 10, 2011

    Hi, we finished and launched Projectial ( last month. I hope that Projectial will be on the list next time too ;)

  99. David Hog September 19, 2011

    The comparison is quite impressive but without eResource scheduler is somehow incomplete. eResource scheduler is exceptionally good software for management of employees and other custom defined resources. Users can view time-sheets, financial & forecasting reports on a single click.Drag & drop scheduling is a good feature too.For a free trial you can visit the website

  100. B.J. September 11, 2011

    We’ve had great success using Dooster to integrate Google Calendar. Our catering company has a busy schedule, and Dooster keeps our projects and tasks on track.

  101. Shoki September 6, 2011

    Check also ADIOS Software Cloud

  102. Marco September 5, 2011

    Hi, good review.
    Do you want to check out ?
    Great PS Software to automatically create project documents in Word and Excel.

  103. Marco August 29, 2011

    I’ve been using ProjectFramework for some time – from – a new tool capable to cover from Project Scope to automatic Documents/Deliverables generation in MS Word and Excel (50+ IT Documents available) ready to be handed out directly to the Customer.
    The tool is capable of generating automatically even Professional Services and Software Sales proposals.
    For IT Consultants and Freelance, 30 days free trial available.

  104. J August 19, 2011

    Anyone have experience with PM software integration into Google Calendar?

  105. isabelle August 16, 2011

    Huge list! thanks for having taken the time to gather this.
    Would also like to mention Express Planner (freeware) :)

  106. Alex LeBlanc August 8, 2011

    Good list. Should also include the social approach to project management application, Vantage. Complete fundamental project management tools coupled with social collaboration for work teams.

  107. Hannah July 25, 2011

    Great review!
    Concerto do a fully customisable solution so you don’t need to have three different pieces of software to do get all the functionality you need. It does everything from automated invoice and budget tracking to planning and implementing large scale strategies to measuring the resources available on a day to day basis. Great piece of software, we find it very useful in the office. (

  108. Yael July 25, 2011

    Great list,
    Thanks for including Clarizen project management software.

  109. Mike July 22, 2011


    Thanks for the list!

    Next time check this one out


  110. Alister Foster July 15, 2011

    Probably, these are competing players at the market.

    But i wonder why you’ve excluded workforcetrack.
    It suits small companies pretty well.

  111. Seroge July 1, 2011

    Very good review. I have experience on basecamp and MS project ( so glad indeed). Also I found a program called “eTaskMan”. After I try, it is not bad eventhough it is in beta. I think should add into the list.

    • richard March 13, 2012

      Sounds like you are in construction.
      What suggestions do you have that are suitable for Critical Path, RFIs and payments tracking?
      thanks. Lots of choices.

  112. Andy June 30, 2011

    Another great tool is Workgroups ( it integrates four separate mix and match modules to tailor the software to your business needs. It includes solution for job/financial management, workflow and scheduling, proofing and review, and digital asset management. It’s really a flexible and advanced in comparison to other PM solutions out there.

  113. Michael June 24, 2011

    I’d like to add our product: FLUFF | LESS ( is a rather new and modern PM and collaboration tool targeted towards freelancers and small businesses; features include time tracking, a calendar, todo-lists, document sharing, a powerful search function and email notifications.

  114. John Nash June 18, 2011


    You just missed proofhub. its web based project management software provides to dos, milestone, time tracking, proofing, real time chat etc.

  115. Peter June 11, 2011

    I’m looking for a simple online collaboration / project tool that I could use with my renovation contractor on a 4 month project expanding our home. Would like to keep track of deadlines, invoices, milestones, some photos and documents. He has a Mac and uses an iPad and iPhone at the project site, and I and my wife have Macs plus I have an iPhone. There is also an architect involved – don’t think he uses mobile devices but does use internet. I travel a lot on business and will be updated or consulted on decisions, and don’t want to end up with zillions of emails back and forth. Basecamp? Something simpler? Anyone have relevant experience?


    • richard March 13, 2012

      Good Request Peter,
      I have similar needs from the other side: I work as an Owner’s Representative aka Project Manager, advising owners on Residential construction projects. I am looking for a simple Mac friendly software to track Critical Path , RFIs (Requests for Info), and payments. There are way too many choices, hard to tell which ones are suited for construction.
      I used to have a large constr. company and we used Sage, way complex.

  116. it June 10, 2011

    Right now I use eTaskMan ( In my opinion, it should also be added in the list because it is free web-based system (very convenient) and easy to use.

  117. Mike Blumenstein June 9, 2011

    I would love to add MangoProjects to this list, and especially the comparison table, but it looks to be locked for editing now. You can check out the features and a full comparison table at

    then of course sign up for a free trial at


  118. Eugene76 June 7, 2011

    You should consider adding APINI ( which combines PPM, knowledge base and DMS together.

  119. Lucy May 10, 2011

    That’s such a long list. Thanks for the research. At the beginning of the year after having avoided taking on new software we got into such a tangle when the business started growing that we had to take a look at some online task managers. We didn’t have the time to look at many and my boss just decided on and away we went. It has been easy to learn and we like it. What I like is that the partners are so much easier to deal with now that we have some cohesion again. The atmosphere had been getting bad and I was practically flinching if just asked for something. Anyway, that’s changed now as has been a great success for us so I’m giving it a mention as well as a big thumbs up.

  120. Ana May 9, 2011


    Recently I’ve been using for online collaboration and small project management. You can there create projects, create tasks within the project, assign tasks to people,set due dates for tasks and the project itself and there is a place to write notes back and forth about the project. Good news is that the basic plan is for free.

  121. Alexander Peterson April 30, 2011

    Hello. Great review but i do not see software that our organisation uses. We use WorkForceTrack, which has intergrated collection of software such as CRM, PM, HRMS et. you can find out more at

    • Roza July 7, 2011

      Really bueno review, bit I also can´t find the platform we use for project management. In our organization we use TeamLab and I should say, that we are satisfied with the variety of tools it offers – online document editing and sharing, tasks, milestones, time tracking, etc.

  122. Margaret April 14, 2011

    I tried several of them, not bad, but something was always missing. Attask’s interface looks frustrating, in Basecamp I was fed up with switching between tubs and so on. Am I too demanding? :) About a couple of weeks ago I signed up for Wrike ( So far it has all the features I need. The most convenient thing is that I can manage tasks from my email account. It is convenient and saves a lot of time

  123. admin April 13, 2011

    Ok smarty pants, if our article is unhelpful then your comment is EXTREMELY unhelpful : )

    You mentioned “missing some of the best software in the space” … um which ones? probably the only exception I can think of. If there are there others you feel we’ve missed please let us know.

    Remember that this is a ranking of the most popular subscription based SaaS alternatives. Yes there are way more than 43 project management software alternatives, however there are few that we have missed (at least in terms of site usage).

    Also I challenge you to find a more comprehensive article on the alternatives.

    If our article is lacking, please point to an article with more comprehensive information, we have certainly not found it.

  124. David Reed April 11, 2011

    You missed more than just one! Moreover this list of features is pointless. It is not whether a product HAS a feature that is important, it is HOW the feature is implemented that counts.

    I see you also exclude most of the best software in the space because you cannot be bothered to do a deep investigation. This is just a cheap plug for your own software and anyone who thinks it represents any sort of analysis that they can rely on is just too lazy to do their own research.

  125. elius April 2, 2011

    Fine list, but I might disagree with the mix of software.

    More importantly, I would like to recommend that you make the comparison table available as a free download -xls or csv or html. Or fix it in some way so that the reader can see the entire page on the full screen.


  126. Jennifer Kentmere March 8, 2011

    What a useful and comprehensive round-up. I have added it to the ‘Useful Links’ section of my own PM for Freelancers site.

  127. Henner February 28, 2011

    Hi all,

    thanks for the great comparison of all these tools! There’s one thing you got seriously wrong though – the pricing of ZohoProjects. The $99 are per year not per month, the monthly plans are way cheaper and they actually offer a free plan too.


    • Jodi August 9, 2011

      @Henner – Where do you see a $99/yr plan. Has the price just gone up since this list was created and you added your comment?

  128. Angel Grablev February 26, 2011

    Great list! Another great addition would be Freedcamp which like TeamLab is also free for all the features BaseCamp offers. It offers a few features not seen by other project management applications like a Meebo Bar allowing you to chat with your friends and colleagues while managing your projects.

  129. Dusan February 16, 2011

    Nice review. There is another tool also – Manitoo. Could also be listed here.

    Bye, Dusan.

  130. Tony Mobily February 5, 2011


    You missed Apollo!
    Apollo is project management and CRM. It has cases&deals, timers, and a very powerful calendar.

    It would definitely be a good addition to your great article!



  131. Marcus S February 3, 2011

    You missed one :P

    Seriously though, I think WORKetc should qualify for this list, it was the system I went to as an alternative to Basecamp and it ended up changing my entire workflow. It combines multiple aspects of business management and because of this you can essentially manage your entire business under this platform alone. I manage the entire customer lifecycle within WORKetc – from lead, to client i’m working on projects for, to paying customer. You can also associate items with your projects, like to-dos, support cases, etc.

    It has gantt viewing, dependencies, and collaboration goes business wide in the application. I rest my case!!

  132. Andrew February 3, 2011

    Nice compilation of alternative products. We would also recommend you to give Invoicera ( a try. It is an online invoicing and time tracking application with all the latest invoicing features. It supports 20 global payment gateways, supports multi language and currency option and also offers you to customize your invoice templates as you wish.

  133. Ana February 3, 2011

    Hey nice review. I am glad to see DeskAway a part of this list. I use DeskAway to simplify my work. It has some of the amazing features like DeskMail, Timer, Timesheet etc. It is also well integrated with FreshBooks, Google Apps, Google Docs etc. You can also give it a try.

    • Yep August 10, 2011

      Great promo Ana. ;)

  134. Olga February 2, 2011

    Really great review!And still you should add TeamLab ( to comparison. It’s a free platform for business collaboration available in 3 solutions:
    1. Saas 2. open-source 3. Amazon AMI

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