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How much will Time Doctor cost?

Time Doctor is still in BETA release – as such, we still don’t have  definite price point.

We are thinking to charge $5 per month for individual users and $15-25 per user for organizations. We intend to launch a full version of the product in mid to late 2011 which will contain a number of major enhancements.

We don’t intend to launch the product until we are 100% convinced that it is at least two times better, faster and more useful than any other time management, project management or task management app for organizations.

Additionally, there will also be some discounts available to Beta testers who have provided us feedback and stuck with us during this initial development period.

We are truly committed to making Time Doctor absolutely amazing as a productivity tool -  We’re not quite there yet, and we need your ideas and feedback.

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7 Ways that Time Doctor helps you to be more productive

1. Time Doctor reduces time spent on distracting web sites
Web browsing is reported as the number one distractor in many productivity surveys. Reducing time on distracting web sites is a productivity no-brainer.  Browse a “non work related sites” like Facebook and Time Doctor will give you a gentle ‘nudge’ and remind you what you should be doing.

It also sends Web Site Usage Reports once a week outlining all application and website usage for each week for you and your staff (a great feature for businesses and individuals who want to find out how more about how they spend their time).

An example of the weekly Web Sites & Application Usage Report

2. Time Doctor reduces multitasking

For most tasks multitasking is an ineffective way to work, especially those tasks which require a high degree of concentration. Time Doctor helps its users keep focused on their current task while preventing outside distractions. The activity bar is a constant reminder of what you are working on right now (and how much time you’ve spent on it).

Time Doctor Status Bar
The Status Bar reminds you what you should be working on

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The 8 Best Collaboration Tools for Virtual Teams

At Time Doctor, we work with remote staff members in more than nine different countries.

As you can imagine, team collaboration has a range of unique challenges. There are a number of tools that we use in our company, most of them are free. 

With over 10 years of experience under our belts, we’ve tried the best and worst of many collaborative tools – we thought it would be valuable to share the tools we we use and what exactly we use them for.

Google Docs

Google Docs

Google Docs provides free online spreadsheets and document management with a Gmail/Google Account. The spreadsheet feature is particularly useful when you need to have multiple people working on the same spreadsheet at the same time (something you can’t do with Dropbox). It doesn’t have all of the features of  Excel, but it’s very useful for collaborative editing of documents (including text files).  You can use Google Docs effectively as a company “wiki” where anyone in the company is able to add any information to the document.

How we use Google Docs: Domain management, financial reports, feature suggestion lists, payroll coverage, performance appraisals, ranking reports, login information, directory lists and online resources.
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