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Not using Time Doctor could be worse for you than smoking pot


It has been proven by researchers that multitasking can often double the amount of time it takes to accomplish a task, decreases your and effectiveness with each task AND even decreases your IQ – in one study the effects were worse than smoking pot.

“Those distracted by incoming email and phone calls saw a 10-point fall in their IQ – more than twice that found in studies of the impact of smoking marijuana”.

In other words, when you multitask, you not only take longer to accomplish each task, but you are also less effective in accomplishing your tasks.

Time Doctor helps to reduce multitasking in a few different ways. Firstly there is the conscious attention of choosing exactly what you are working on. This is crucial. It’s easy to go with the flow from activity to activity, but this makes you much more prone to interruptions. Time Doctor helps you to consciously direct your activities (and focus) to a specific task.

Also the activity bar on Time Doctor helps to remind users what task they should be working on.

Status Bar

The activity bar appears on the desktop screen at all times displaying the current priority.

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How to manage an overseas remote working team with Time Doctor


Outsourcing work to emerging economies is not a new concept – most business owners would have at least heard about outsourcing (even if they haven’t put it into practice). Often though, preconceived notions about hiring remote staff will invoke images of crowded call centers (or other negative stereotypes like under-paid staff or poor working conditions), meaning that some people just aren’t interested in outsourcing.

On the other end of the scale, it’s not uncommon for companies to get burnt by rushing into a managed outsourcing arrangement with little or no experience working with remote staff. Just because you can hire 50 staff at $3 an hour doesn’t mean you should. On many occasions the systems that are required to setup a successful outsourcing operation aren’t in place (inadequate staff, cultural differences and poor management are common problems).

Time Doctor software helps to overcome some of these hurdles – this software makes managing a remote team much simpler than it otherwise could be… Using this unique time management and productivity software means that offshore workers or any of your existing workers who prefer to work from home, can more effective than your present workforce.

If you’re thinking about outsourcing parts of your daily business, or you’re simply looking for a new way to retain talented staff, then the following information will be useful to your business:

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