Time Doctor Website Improvements and Fixes

Over the last couple of weeks we have worked on some of the following issues:

Improving the speed of loading of reports

We are working on improving the loading speed for all of the reports. Our goal is to get this to under 4 seconds for every report. This has been accomplished with some of the reports, but many of the reports still have major problems with loading speed and the website and application report is very slow or non-functioning for some users with a lot of data. This is one of our main focuses at the moment.

API – added a new call for the “Time Use Report”

This is an API call which receives the same information in the Time Use Report to make the API more efficient for gathering this information.
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New features and bug fixes

Here are some recently added new features that you might want to be aware of:

It is now possible to edit time up to 1 month in the future

We previously restricted editing to only times in the past. This was meant to ensure that time edited was accurate. However we found that this was too restrictive, and that some people wanted to add time for holidays or an event that they were going to attend tomorrow.

As a reminder, there is a settings for admins on the “Manage users” page where the admin can allow or disallow manual time for everyone in the company.

 Option to blur screenshots

We now have an option to blur screenshots to remove sensitive data but keep this feature if you want to be able to see generally what is going on but not read any specific details in the text.
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Summary of Recent New Features and Bug Fixes

Integration with Asana

We recently released an integration with Asana. This is a great project management tool that is free for up to 15 users. We use Asana within the Time Doctor team and really love it, especially how fast it is to use and how it is all organized into one page. You can check it out here Asana.com


The integration will take your tasks in Asana and display them in Time Doctor so that you can track time for these tasks. We recommend that you use Time Doctor pro to manage your integrations and we are also planning a significant interface and usability improvement for all integrations, however this will be available only with Time Doctor Pro. You can download Time Doctor Pro here
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