Time Tracking for WorkflowMax with Time Doctor


We’ve launched an integration with WorkflowMax which allows you to send all tasks from the WorkflowMax system to Time Doctor to track time on these tasks. The time worked will be sent back to WorkflowMax and can also be analyzed in Time Doctor’s detailed reports.

Why should Time Doctor users consider WorkflowMax?

WorkflowMax provides beautifully designed custom quotes, and you can use it to manage jobs, projects and tasks, and to invoice clients.

Why should WorkflowMax users consider Time Doctor?

Time Doctor provides accurate time tracking with features that provide accountability and proof of work done. The accuracy of the time tracking comes from the fact that our desktop app tracks in real-time and automatically categorizes time as being tracked at or away from the computer. Break times are automatically and accurately calculated. Time Doctor also provides a report showing websites and applications used when working and optional screenshots of the computer screen.

See how tasks from the WorkflowMax integration appear on the Time Doctor app below:

WorkflowMax on Time Doctor Lite
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Time Tracking for Freshdesk with Time Doctor


Freshdesk is one of the most loved customer relationship management suites on the market today, and what makes it even more awesome is that you can now integrate it with Time Doctor! This allows you to track the amount of time spent on Freshdesk tickets by using the Time Doctor app.

Here’s an example of what it looks like when Freshdesk tickets appear in the Time Doctor desktop app where you can time them:

Time Doctor's Freshdesk Integration
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New Website Release – Bug Fixes and New Features


Ability to select a different timezone on the edit time page

We added the ability to select a different timezone on the edit time page to make it easier to add times and understand the correct time to add. We will soon be adding the ability to select timezones on the dashboard and then other reports.


You can select your own timezone on the user settings page.
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