New Desktop App Release

There is a new release this week for Time Doctor Tasks version 1.4.66 and Time Doctor version 2.3.40.

Renaming the desktop apps

Note that we are planning to rename the desktop apps to:

Time Doctor Lite – the smaller version (currently called “Time Doctor”) and

Time Doctor Pro - the more advanced version (currently called “Time Doctor Tasks”).

The reason for renaming them is that we feel that the current names are confusing and do not completely distinguish the two versions of the software. This has not been implemented yet, it’s coming up.

Improvements to the “Back to Work” window

Some people have complained that there are too many popups with Time Doctor and we are working on ways to reduce the number of times the software pops up while maintaining the integrity of the time tracking information. Here are two changes we made towards this:

  • Disable the “Back to work now” pop up if an app is in full screen mode (this does not work in Mac unfortunately)
  • If you close the “Back at work” window then it is frozen for 30 minutes

We also have a plan to be able to choose when it will pop up. For example if you do not work on the weekends it will not pop up to ask if you are working.
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New Features and Bug Fixes – Latest Website Release

I’ve been slack in not updating our blog with the latest bug fixes and feature improvements. I will try and be more diligent in posting this information in future. Here are the most recent improvements and fixes over the last few weeks:

Redesign of the edit time page

This is a complete redesign of the page with some improvements to functionality. We will also be soon introducing some improvements: The ability to turn on or off the ability to add manual time (if it’s turned off then the person can still edit time but the manual time will automatically be disapproved).

For those that are able to add manual time we are going to make it easier to just click on the timeline and add edited time for any periods where there is a gap.

redesign edit time

Redesign of the company settings page

Redesign company settings

Redesign of the absent and late page

Redesign absent and late

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Time Doctor New Website Release

We’re working hard in the last 3 weeks to improve Time Doctor and there are still a lot of improvements to come. As always we focus on fixing bugs and improving the usability of the product first before working on new features.

We’ve recently hired several new people into the team to improve the speed of development and so that we can do our best to make the product truly fit your needs. These new team members are still getting up to speed, but you will start to see the fruits of their efforts in the coming months.

Continuing with redesign of all report

We  hope to finish the redesign of all pages and reports within the next 4 weeks. Here  is one of the latest redesigns that we have released, the Timeline report:

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