Time Doctor website feature improvements and bug fixes

We had a number of bug fixes completed and some minor feature improvements. We are working on a number of improvements to the software, the most important of which is to improve the speed of loading of all reports. We hope to complete this soon.

List of minor feature improvements and bug fixes

  • [Current Payroll] Hide “Payroll Settings” link from Users and Managers
  • [Current Payroll] Do not display “You cannot approve this Payroll as it is not yet completed” to regular users and managers
  • [Payroll] need to refactor the payroll page
  • [Email] Time Doctor logo is broken for ‘Worked under required hours email’
  • [Absent & Late Time] Remove tool tips for the notification symbol and status
  • [Invite Users Page] Loading icon is missing
  • Unable to delete recorded time
  • [New Dashboard] Avatars are not showing up for sample users
  • [Invite Page] Fix manage selection drop down
  • Add “Allow Manual Time” to the initial settings pop up
  • Deleting a worklog for a certain task deletes all the screenshots for that task no matter what date / time it was taken
  • [Login Page] Fix issues with deactivation in Time Doctor
  • [Absent & Late Time] User who was partially absent is not listed as being partially absent
  • [Timeline Report] Breaks are no longer displayed
  • Email input box won’t hide after disabling the paypal mass pay payment method.
  • Problems uploading user photos
  • Inconsistent error when uploading .jpg images
  • [Edit Time] Page won’t auto reload after deleting a manually added time
  • [Absent & Late Time] Fix truncation of “Reason”
  • Add integration name to the front of integrated projects in all reports
  • Allow PNG user photos in addition to JPG
  • [User Selection Dropdown] New users who are added to TD should be automatically selected in all user selection dropdowns when they become “Activated”
  • Empty grey space at the top of all pages for some signed-in TD users
  • Edited task name should take effect on screenshots page.
  • [New Dashboard] Loading symbol appears in the wrong place for day view
  • Change to disabled users/companies and login
  • [New Dashboard] Add Project Names to Sample Work
  • Incorrect data on Edit Time Page – and also a display issue
  • Deactivated users should not have access to the Edit Time page
  • [Edit Time Page] Deactivated user(s) should not be able to add manual time
  • [Poor time use - Report] Change to new date selection
  • Time not recorded on the edit time page
  • [Edit Time Page] Dropdown for start/end times appear in the wrong location
  • [Invite Setup] Message warnings seem to overlapped
  • Review Manual Time page doesn’t properly render double quotes for reason field after Manual Edit Page editing
  • [Payroll] Current payroll is visible and accessible under settings menu for users that are not active on payroll
  • [Timesheet Report] Set green bars to max 12 hours just like time use report.
  • Different work hours on timesheet page and excel export
  • Improvements to the way the payroll system works
  • If paypal and ko kard are not set up then do not have them as options in the payment method dropdown
  • Users haven’t accept invitation are showing under new dashboard.
  • Need a link to the video explanation on the Payroll settings page
  • Automatically determine partially absent if the person works less than required hours
  • [Edit Time Page] Dropdown length for start & end times should change based on height of window.
  • Show 500 page instead of error details
  • Clicking on the logo in the menu goes to the dashboard page
  • [New Dashboard] – New user popup is missing
  • [New Dashboard] Fix tooltips about status (typos)
  • Remove confirm your email address email
  • Implement PDF export for time use report
  • [Absent & Late Time] Fix text & icons for when user provides no reason for being late/absent
  • Hours are not deducted for screenshots deleted on the weekly view on dashboard
  • Redundant display of error messages when uploading a wrong picture format
  • Make the person’s first name is capitalized

Time Doctor Website Improvements and Fixes

Over the last couple of weeks we have worked on some of the following issues:

Improving the speed of loading of reports

We are working on improving the loading speed for all of the reports. Our goal is to get this to under 4 seconds for every report. This has been accomplished with some of the reports, but many of the reports still have major problems with loading speed and the website and application report is very slow or non-functioning for some users with a lot of data. This is one of our main focuses at the moment.

API – added a new call for the “Time Use Report”

This is an API call which receives the same information in the Time Use Report to make the API more efficient for gathering this information.
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New features and bug fixes

Here are some recently added new features that you might want to be aware of:

It is now possible to edit time up to 1 month in the future

We previously restricted editing to only times in the past. This was meant to ensure that time edited was accurate. However we found that this was too restrictive, and that some people wanted to add time for holidays or an event that they were going to attend tomorrow.

As a reminder, there is a settings for admins on the “Manage users” page where the admin can allow or disallow manual time for everyone in the company.

 Option to blur screenshots

We now have an option to blur screenshots to remove sensitive data but keep this feature if you want to be able to see generally what is going on but not read any specific details in the text.
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