Allow Manual Time setting – How It Works

We are introducing a new “Allow manual time” setting which is a highly requested feature. This post is to explain how it works.

Admins can choose to set “allow manual time” on the manage users page

On the manage users page, admins have the option to allow manual time for each person in the company. Our recommendation is consider allowing manual time for most or all people in your company. Disallowing manual time should be only for people that work 100% of their time on their computer.

The manage users page looks like this:

allow manual time

What happens if manual time is allowed

If manual time is allowed then the person will be able to:

  • Use mobile apps to record time.
  • Use the edit time page to add or edit time.
  • If they are working on a task and they go away from their computer, their computer will pop up a message to ask if they were working when they come back. If they were working they can easily say yes or no.
  • All of this time is automatically approved HOWEVER an admin can always disapprove this time on the “Review manual time” page.

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New Website Release

We are currently working on releasing some major new features:


The first version of the API will be a read only version which means that you can use it for reporting or gathering data in your account, but not for posting tasks or projects. Then after releasing and testing this version we will release a read/ write version.

Asana integration

We are working on an Asana integration currently. (Check out Asana here)

A better method of easily allowing or disallowing manual time

This will allow admins to allow or disallow manual time for any person in the company. If this time is disallowed then it will not allow the person to automatically add time when away from their computer. Also if they edit or add time manually this time will automatically be disapproved and will have to be approved by their managers for the time to be recorded in their reports.

Android app

This is already released see below


You can download it on Google Play
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New Time Doctor Website Release

The redesign of the report pages is now almost complete with only the poor time use report page remaining to be redesigned.

Redesigned Timesheet report

The Timesheet report has been completely redesigned. Please see below for how it looks now:

Redesigned Projects Report

We have completely redesigned the projects report see below:

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