New Feature: Blur Screenshots Option

At Time Doctor, we understand our customers’ need to ensure that confidential information they are working on remain secure.

Hence, we are introducing a new Time Doctor feature that allows screenshots captured from a user’s computer to be blurred so it won’t possible to read small text that might be sensitive information for added security.

This feature will be very helpful to developers, accountants and users who usually work on confidential tasks or handle sensitive information, as they can still use Time Doctor without having to turn off the screenshots feature altogether. This way, managers/team leaders still get to review the screenshots of their work without having to see the actual text or need to see images clearly.

You can only enable this if you are an Admin of an account.

  • Log on to your dashboard and go to ‘Settings’
  • Click on ‘Manage Users’ then go to ‘Advanced Settings’
  • Put a check mark on the ‘Blur Screenshots’ tick boxes

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New Website Bug Fixes and Feature Improvements

Here is a list of recent bug fixes and feature improvements:

  • Remove bars from timeline new report
  • Cannot file reason for Absent/Late
  • [Absent and Late report] No records are generated.
  • [Timeline] Header total time log font size is not correct.
  • [Report Absent & Late Status] Submit button becomes inactive after submitting a blank report
  • [Report Absent & Late Status] Fix message warning for blocking user(s) to add another report status on same day
  • [User Settings] Same password can be retyped
  • Future days being tagged as “Absent” in Absent/Late CSV report
  • Change paypal buttons on payroll pay page
  • Error code show after clicking submit on the billing page.
  • [Manage Users and Users Settings] Name for invited existing users should not be doubled.
  • Typos on payroll page
  • Searching is not working in the manger user section.
  • Remove confirmation of deleted account email
  • [Timeline Report] Fix Computer Idle Break alignment and size
  • 3 good news email received after my invited users accept the invitation.
  • [Manage Users] No notification when select all is ticked under “screenshots active”
  • Optimize creation for Email class from Integrations
  • Optimize upload_time
  • Optimize get_user_integrations
  • [Billing Page] Drop-down menus display wrong
  • Cannot use special characters for password
  • [Manage Users] Deactivated admin account was able to activate its own account
  • [Dashboard] – Old design for initial pop up
  • Remove “00” from drop-down on Required Work Hours page
  • [Time Use] Productivity bar for the total time worked should match the color of its details
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New Website Release – Minor Fixes and Feature Improvements

We worked on a variety of minor features and bug fixes, see below:

  • [Poor Time Use Report] Stuck on loading state
  • [Payroll] Typo on popup when changing payroll period
  • Cron jobs that are using different email service than mandrill
  • [New Dashboard] Clicking on “Today” and “This Week” button will display wrong date
  • [Integration Settings] JIRA and TD logo issues on integration settings
  • [User Settings] Inaccurate message warning displays when changing the email address
  • Security Vulnerability 8 – work hours
  • [Payroll] Commas should be added to numbers in Payroll Settings and Payroll Page
  • [Timeline Report] Empty “()” are shown in tool tips for tasks that don’t have projects
  • [Integration Settings] Popup to confirm removing an integration has the wrong design
  • Unable to display the display picture on Review Manual Time page
  • [Payroll Settings] Link for “How Payroll Works” doesn’t work for some browsers
  • [New Dashboard] Remove sample users button not working.
  • Change how error message is displayed when user tries to add a project that already exists
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