Latest Features & Improvements: Webcam Shots & More


Here are the updates that we’ve made to Time Doctor so far this month:

New feature: Webcam Shots

Due to popular demand, we’ve added webcam shots as an optional feature.  Webcam shots are deactivated by default, but admins can activate webcam shots for any user on their Advanced Settings page.

When turned on, this feature will take a webcam shot every 10 minutes.  When an admin turns on webcam shots for a user, that user will see a notification in their Time Doctor desktop application informing them that webcam shots have been activated.

Webcam shots will appear on the screenshots page, and can be deleted in the same way that screenshots can be deleted.  When they’re deleted, the associated work time is also removed.  Here’s what the screenshots page looks like when webcam shots are turned on:

(See full-sized image)
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How to Send Money to Macedonia at the Best Exchange Rate


How to Send Money to Macedonia at the Best Exchange Rate

At Time Doctor, we have lots of clients who have in their payroll employees on different parts of the globe. They need to pay them salary and so one of the things we do is help our clients find economical ways of sending money to other countries.

This article will be about the cheapest ways you can send money to Macedonia. So if you are from the US, Canada, Australia, the UK or Western Europe, and you have employees in Macedonia, or even if you’re just sending money to relatives there, this article will be of use to you. Find out more

Latest Features & Improvements: New Dashboard & More


Here are the new features & some of improvements we’ve made over the past few weeks:

New Dashboard for Individuals

We released a major redesign of the dashboard for individual users.  Previously, the dashboard had a lot of empty space. We’ve filled it with useful information, including more information on the number of hours recently worked, as well as summary information from a few of the other reports (Timesheet, Time Use, and Web & App Usage Reports).  We like to think that we’ve turned the page that we were calling a “dashboard” into a real dashboard. Here’s how it looks now:

Time Doctor individual Dashboard
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